Tips To Follow If You Don’t Want To Empty Pockets By Purchasing Expensive Headphone Options Suggested By Apple

When Apple introduced iPhone 7, it came up with a so-called innovative step to trimmer down the thickness of the smartphone. The company removed the 3.5 mm jack saying it was not letting it reduce the thickness of iPhone 7 and 7+. Though this step sounded innovative in the first place, over time people realized that it was just another unnecessary move made by Apple to increase the sales of its accessories. By removing headphone jack, it came up with EarPods and other smart music listening and talking options for users which didn’t require a cable. Moreover, the only slot it had left on the phone was for connecting it to a charger.

Immediately after this step, the people who wanted to listen to the music on iPhone 7 and other models launched after it were forced to start using EarPods. Those who would lose these EarPods will have to purchase new accessories from Apple only to listen to music. This step not only created an outrage in the market but also forced tech companies to come up with devices which could help users have a good experience without feeling cheated.

Smart Headphones In The Market

Now that Apple has removed headphone jack from its latest models, there is no point in talking about the normal headphones available in the market. However, it doesn’t mean you cannot use headphones with your new iPhone model ever. All thanks to the smart headphone models available at, you don’t have to give up on your music habits ever. Now that there is no headphone jack, you can simply use these smartphones which can be easily plugged in the charging cable without interrupting the charging process at all. It means that you can talk with anyone you want using these headphones while your iPhone is being charged.

As an iPhone user, you should give a try to these options without any further delay to ensure that your pockets don’t get emptied in an attempt to buy expensive EarPods or other headphones offered by Apple. Give them a try and feel the difference.