Top 5 apps to play the MKV Files

Looking for the best apps for Playing MKV files? This is not a simple task to accomplish, as the market is loaded with an inexhaustible option in this regard. Here comes your guide that will simplify your task in this regard.

What are the best apps for playing files in MKV format?

  • VLC2: let’s start the recommendation list with VLC that feature the capacity to play video and audio files in any format, inclusive of the files in the MKV format as well. VLC2 is the latest version of this player, and it comes with some really unique features that are not available in other players. Even if you are not planning to use this player for playing files in MKV formats, still this will be a worthy option to opt for Mac Operating Systems. Though, there has been some instances in playing MKV files with this app, however, it can be ignored for the insignificant instances of these records. Visit more information in this regard.
  • XBMC: if you are looking for the best apps to play MKV files, this is yet another worthy option to opt for. This app features a user-friendly interface that aims on media use and it actually emerges as one of the most suitable Media Consoles for the public at large. To extrude the best performance from this app, you simply need to copy a video in the MKV format and paste into the Movie Directory, located in the User’s Home menu. This will ensure that users can find the Copied file within XBMC instantly.
  • Plex: this app resembles a close similarity to the functions and the features, as observed in XBMC. Though, this is a wonderful choice in the category of the Media Canter App, the latest version features a bit strange appearance of the interface, making it unnecessarily complex. However, this app puts a decent performance about playing MKV files, especially, if you will be loading the movie files, using the drag-and-drop function. On the other hand, users, trying to navigate through the intricate interface, it is likely that users will find a really challenging time.
  • PERIAN: this is basically a 3rd party Quick Time component that features support to a plethora of Video formats, including the MKV files. You will never find any hardships in installing this app, and it comes with a reference panel. After the installation has been completed, nothing additional is needed to use this app. You will be able to open the files, even if it comes in unsupported versions, using this app. Though, this app impresses the users with its fair performance, however, some users, using the X Lion or the X Mountain Lio Operating systems are likely to face some functional issues. Hence, these operating systems are not the best pick, unless PERIAN is updated to the capacity to support these operating systems.
  • Elmedia Player: if you are looking for the best players to play the Video and audio files, this is one of the best options to opt for. Today, billions of users from all around the globe are using this player, and all of these users are extremely impressed with the performance of this player in playing the MKV files. If you are using a Mac Device, you can avail this worthy player, absolutely at no cost. You can download the app from the Mac App stiore directly.