Top Benefits Of A PBX System For A Growing Business

When your company or business is small, you don’t have to worry about telephone lines in your office and the related interconnectivity of the employees. However, as your business grows, you need to add in more connections to the staff who are located centrally or may even be spread throughout the country. It is a given that as you keep adding telephone lines and numbers, the complexity and expense will both grow and pile up, sometimes becoming impractical as per the necessity. Fortunately, there is an easy solution to this problem. If you knew it already that’s great, but if you didn’t, we are here to tell you. PBX or ‘Private Branch Exchange’ is simply a fancy way through which you can link all the phones together in a company or multiple locations that it has spread over. You can improve your company’s customer service, all the while cutting the costs to more your working practice more flexible and practical.

This easy to manage system can handle all your internal communications without directing to a local phone company and redirecting back to within your office. In simple terms, a PBX is going to save you a lot of money that you didn’t even know you were going to waste. If this still didn’t convince you, here are some top benefits of having a PBX system for a growing business.

Centralized Control:

A PBX phone system acts like a virtual receptionist. All the incoming calls of your company can easily be accessed by a single number. This makes it easier for you to just list down one number on all your collaterals and the call can be taken by the concerned person inside the company without any problem. Though you can do this thing can be done without a PBX, but the advantage of having hosted PBX solutions is that the system won’t block any other incoming calls and multiple calls can be taken at a time. The access to the system is variable too, which means that you can limit some phones, so they can only call the internal extensions. On the flip side, some can be allowed to call out of the building, but not long distance, and the others can be given an international access. Your PBX phone system will give you all the liberty, access and control you need.

Variable Features:

PBX Phone system has a lot of features that aren’t otherwise available on a standard phone. With its ‘Follow Me’ feature, you can program the phone to transfer the calls to whatever phone you want to. Let’s suppose you have an urgent meeting to attend and you are waiting for an important call too. You can simply program your system in such a way that it will forward all your calls to the other phone, if you don’t pick within a certain number of rings. You can also forward call to a programmed and modified voicemail. This might not sound like a big feature to some and they might give up on getting hosted PBX solutions, but this will ensure that the vital calls will never go unanswered and will always be directed to you or some other relevant person.


Among the many advantaged of a PBX Phone System is that you don’t have to employ a receptionist or a dedicated person to answer calls. You have probably experienced this already; whenever you call a company and an auto-attendant instructs you dial your extension that is a PBS System. These might seem frustrating and annoying to a few, because you must know the extension number to cut through. However, the feasibility of your company and the callers who know who they want to talk to outdo everything else.

The latest advancement of PBX System, which allows the connection to the internet is all the more reason on why you should have it. You can channel your calls through a system called VoIP, which stands for voice over Internet protocol. The internet-connected system will make your calls come through to your telephone handsets, but they won’t arrive through telephone networks. You won’t have to pay any telephone bills because, technically, no one at your company will be making calls. Isn’t that amazing? Wait till you install a cloud and get hosted PBX, your worries will diminish within no time.