Torrent Software for Macs: Which Is The Best One For Me?

Best torrent software for macs for optimal use and quick downloading.

Do you want to know what the best torrent downloader for Macs is? Torrent sites hold plenty of resources for you if you can’t find it in other places online. You can find torrents for movies, games, and music that you won’t see on other sites.

The biggest torrent software, uTorrent, isn’t available for Mac anymore. Thus, Mac users have to look for awesome new torrenting alternatives.

In this list, we offer more of the best torrent software for Mac users.

  1. Folx

Let’s begin with the best torrenting software for Macs. Folx comes up on top because it’s the only client that is compatible with macOS Catalina. It has a Pro version client for Mac OS X which has an extra feature that lets you search torrent content from the app.

Folx lets you download torrents from trackers and magnet links. If you want to download a series in the right order, you can set priorities. When you download, you can put tags on them so you can search through your content with more ease later.

Are you planning to download a game or a large file? Do you want to do it without sacrificing the rest of your bandwidth? Folx provides download and upload speed regulation for torrents.

Torrenting is one way to get around paid subscriptions when you’re on a budget. When streaming services like Netflix first began rising, people turned back to torrents. It was proof that one can only spend so much on subscriptions before they turned to free resources.

  1. Deluge 

Deluge for Mac is a cross-platform BitTorrent client. There’s no confirmation on Catalina compatibility, but the application seems to work. The client is also available for Mac OS X.

If you’ve used Linux Gnome before, you’ll see that Deluge’s interface is very similar. This is because, like Linux Gnome, Deluge got built on GTK+. Plus, it works like uTorrent without unwanted software.

Features include alphabetical downloading and changing download speed based on network conditions. You can also schedule downloads and create graphs. If you want to keep files separate, move downloads by type to specific directories.

It’s expandable via plugins. You can integrate it with browsers like Chrome and Firefox. One of the cons is that it can become quite heavyweight and complex.

  1. Vuze

Known as Azureus before, Vuze’s biggest selling point is its interface. It offers an easy, well-designed interface that users can access with ease. Even those new to torrenting will find it easy to work around Vuze.

The features of Vuze include limiting bandwidth for torrent downloads and IP filtering. If you prefer downloading magnet files, you can do it with Vuze. Another great feature is media playback.

This simple and free Vuze is also known as Vuze Leap. If you want integrated virus protection, get Vuze Plus. Vuze Plus also lets you preview media files.

During installation, make sure to click on Decline if you want to avoid the extensions. They can be annoying to remove later and are often unwanted anyway. Vuze contains ads, but you can remove them and add unlimited DVD burns with Vuze Plus.

  1. qBittorrent

qBittorrent is the best torrent client for Mac that you can get for free. It offers a great balance between simple and speedy torrent downloads. Plus, it doesn’t feature annoying and distracting ads.

qBittorrent aims to give you enough tools to do what you need. At the same time, it uses as little CPU and memory as possible to avoid affecting your PC too much. It’s great if your Mac is showing signs of slow performance and low memory space.

Some of its tools include a media player, encryption, and prioritization. You also get an integrated torrent search engine, IP filtering, and torrent creation. Plus, it’s open-source and the best equal to uTorrent on Mac.

Got no idea on how to open torrented files on Mac? Are you unsure about what makes a great torrent client? Learn more about that and torrent clients at

  1. BitTorrent

There is no denying that the official BitTorrent client is one of the best torrent software out there. For first-time torrent downloaders, it’s a great place to learn and start for free. It has all the tools for downloading torrents.

Do you want to keep downloading files on your home computer while you go to work? It has a BitTorrentRemote site for those who want to control their downloads on the web. If you want to join the BitTorrent Remote site, you’ll need to create a free account first.

Before we proceed, the client will have ads. If you want to get rid of these ads, you’ll have to pay for the app by availing the Pro tier. The Pro client also includes anti-virus software.

If you want to preview your files while they’re downloading, you can also get that file preview feature on Pro. File conversion and an added HD media player are also benefits of the Pro client.

  1. Best Torrent Software for Mac: Transmission

If you want fast, Mac-Esque, minimalist torrenting software, download and install Transmission. Its interface has that Apple feel and simplicity that other torrent software lacks. It’s also lightweight yet it has enough features to meet all your needs.

That includes common torrenting features like a web interface, encryption, and exchange peers. It also integrates with your OS. Transmission supports magnet links, tracker editing, and uses the least resources on your system.

It’s the best choice if you don’t download torrents daily or often. You don’t need to do many configurations with this one. A big plus is that it’s for free.

Get Your Ideal Torrent Software 

That’s it for our list of the best torrent software for Mac users.

Remember, the best torrenting program is different for everyone. Some people like having all the tools and features while others prefer lightweight and simple software. The key is to find out which one you’re most comfortable with by trial and error.

We hope this guide helped you find the torrent program that’s right for you. If you want to read more similar content, check out our other guides.