Virtual Realty and Ethical Issues

Virtual Reality has been a phenomenal success to consumers worldwide. Though it’s still a new and not much known process but still it can’t be kept for future and therefore Virtual Reality is increasingly used in all the domains of the society over the last years. For example YouGoggle, which is an asset of virtual reality, makes it possible to watch all the virtual reality videos in 3D for free and therefore YouGoggle are the future of Video Tube Sites. But also with the implementations of virtual realities, comes the issues.

Ethical dilemmas of virtual reality

Virtual reality technology, like any major new technology raises ethical questions. Representation and action are two key aspects of virtual reality systems that have claimed to raise ethical questions. There are a few ethical issues that need to be addressed in regard to virtual environments. These issues are somewhat related to human behavior and gaming. These issues can be explained as-

Behavior and Morality in Virtual Reality

Virtual reality has its major application in the field of gaming. In the games, there is high level of violence shown that can affect people but due to Desensitization the person is so no longer affected by extreme acts of behavior such as violence and hence a person fails to show the behavior.

There are also people who become addicted to the virtual reality games. There is the term given to this issue as ‘cyber-addiction’. As a result of this, people are not able to differentiate between the real and virtual aspects which again become a major issue.

Virtual Criminality

In virtual reality there may come a situation where someone commits a criminal act but within a virtual environment. There are possibilities for someone to suffer an injury or mental distress as a result of violent action that are carried out in virtual reality environment.  

As the points above raise various questions and tell about the ethical issues related with virtual reality yet the advantages and benefits of virtual reality can’t be ignored. All that can be done is to wisely apply virtual reality over the wide areas of applications it has, without falling in for these ethical issues.