Waste & Efficiency: Is Going Lean The Solution?

Ongoing Improvements in Healthcare Building Operations 

Over the past decade, there have been many theories that illustrate the importance of effective productivity and efficiency in the workplace. With this fact in mind, the healthcare industry has made some dramatic changes during that time frame.  This can be attributed to many facilities in healthcare using specific ways to get lean or integrating newer lean-six-sigma techniques. The ability to streamline every department in a healthcare facility and reduce waste simultaneously is critical for long-term success. The simplicity of operations is not the singular goal. Yet, while this is imperative, the healthcare industry also seeks to optimize entire operations to deliver better healthcare to each patient. Each DMAIC phase plays a key role. This is a contributing factor for all plans of control, including the designing and construction phases.

Going Lean

There are many benefits to go lean. This is especially the case with developing newer plans in the design, construction, and implementation of data in the healthcare industry.  This idea is to reduce unnecessary time spent on technicalities and to streamline each process. This can contribute by many industry standards, towards the increase of individual satisfaction. This includes the improvements internally ( ie. staff), and with better overall patient healthcare delivery. Currently, going lean can eliminate wasteful hours spent by each employee. This includes adequate and efficient staffing to deliver premium services. In the hospital setting, each second is critical. This is a central reason behind utilizing leaner techniques. Cost efficiency is a must as well.

Ongoing Improvements 

Most healthcare systems that use six-sigma lean techniques will utilize a flow chart that describes how they plan to sustain continuous improvements for years to come. The use of an XmR is a valuable tool that is commonly designed for their call center, revenues, overall finances, and the satisfaction of each patient.  P charts can help with analyzation of future company growth. However, it is the question of being capable over the long-term that has many sectors of the healthcare industry struggling with an uphill battle.  This is due to the issue of being stable in the present and in any projected time frame.

Lean Solution

There can be less waiting time for patients in the lobby. Furthermore, when thinking about Six Sigma techniques, the healthcare industry is aiming to create a competitive edge. Becoming better and faster is one of the strongholds.  This includes creating cheaper ways to deliver Health Care. Furthermore, when there are thin margins there is a need for lean-six-sigma. Other ways the healthcare industry has utilized going lean is to retain patients. Growth is the chief!  This includes the continued innovation of techniques used with the theories of lean-six- sigma. This will aid in the expansion in the effectiveness of each sector in healthcare. This includes the efficiency of operations, the people that are behind and at the forefront of delivering the best healthcare. This is while simultaneously reducing costs.