Ways to synchronize Nubia phones and Mac

When it comes to synchronizing android Nubia and Mac, one could not rely upon an application, other than SyncMate. To know, why this application has become so popular, read the features of this application, listed below.

Alternative for android file transfer

Syncmate is capable of doing android file transfer from Nubia to Mac, once both the devices are synchronized with each other. One could manage their phone data with their computer if the synchronization is done. Also, there is a lot of other things that could be done with the help of Syncmate.

Finder option at your service

Well, the finder options could not be found on the Nubia phones. To get these options, you have to use a Mac OS. However, if you have synchronized your Nubia device with your Mac OS, then this is possible. You could copy and archive a lot of files if the synchronization is done. Also, there is an option that could help you in moving folders.

Contacts and calendar syncing of both the devices

The toughest thing one could do is the syncing of the contacts and calendars, by themselves. With the Syncmate app, you do not have to go through any difficulty, now. One just needs to synchronize the two devices and rest would be done by the application.

Music would always with you

The users generally create a playlist on their iTunes. If you too have created one and want it to have on your phone, then you could do it quickly. Use the Syncmate app and synchronize the two devices with each other. Your favorite playlist would be on your phone.

Photos and video management

The Syncmate app is very versatile and unique in nature. With this application, one could not just transfer the photos and videos from one device to another, but one could even change the resolution of the image or video before transferring it. All this could be done, once the device is synchronized with the Mac OS.

Text with Mac keyboard

Once the Nubia phone is synchronized with the Mac OS, you could get the complete hold of your phone via your computer. The benefit of this could be felt by the fact that, once the synchronization is done, one could even type message from the Mac keyboard.

Transfer of multiple folders at a time

The file transfer could take a lot of time with other applications, but when it comes to Syncmate, an app to sync android Nubia with Mac; this is actually a quick process. You just need to synchronize the devices and you could transfer many folders at a time.

Interaction with the apps directly

One of the most important things that one should know about Syncmate is that it does the transfer of data, directly from the application associated with it.

Automatic update

The automatic update takes place in the device, even when you are doing any different activity. The devices must be synchronized for it.

Android Nubia and Mac synchronization have become very easy with the help of Syncmate. All the features are proof of it. One should always prefer this application over others, especially for this purpose.