What a Good VPS Server Should Have

Is your website running a little bit slower than normal? Did you all of a sudden get a huge increase of traffic to your site and you’re worried the server will not be able to handle it? If you are on a shared hosting plan, these are valid concerns as they could cause your website to crash, making you look unprofessional an unprepared to your customers. If you are beginning to grow and your business is reaching new heights, it may be time to upgrade to a more suitable web hosting plan.

Your next best option is a UK Virtual Private Server. VPS is the next best thing to a dedicated server of your own without the hefty price tag. With it, you’d get better performance, allowing your website to handle a lot more traffic, additional data security and root access to the server. All of these benefits are ideal for a growing business since they allow you to take control of your web hosting plan, making it your own.

If upgrading to VPS sounds like a good idea, the following are just some of the characteristics of a good VPS hosting provider to help you easily make the choice;

  1. A good VPS hosting provider should be reliable. They must demonstrate the ability to invest in the time, technical staff and physical infrastructure to maintain the physical hardware necessary for VPS.
  1. They also have to have the best policies to guarantee the security of your data on their servers.
  1. A VPS server is only as good as the physical hardware that supports it. Adequate RAM and CPU are necessary if the VPS system is going to function properly. The VPS provider you choose must have the capability not just maintain these hardware components, but also provide a solution to regularly backup the data on your servers and restore when needed.
  1. A good VPS service provider will be willing to customize the service to suit your needs and requirements. They should also be able to make it easy for you to scale the server as your business grows.
  1. VPS has great benefits but it should also be comparable in terms of price to shared hosting. A good VPS service provider will provide you with different price points to choose from with the option to upgrade or downgrade as required.
  1. A good VPS provider will also allow you the freedom to manage your server any way you want to. They should have the features necessary to make it easy for you to install the software you want to use. One of the ways they can do that is by providing you with a great and easy to navigate control panel.
  1. Finally, a great VPS service provider will take the time to ensure that technical support is available 24/7 and on various platforms. They should provide you with the support you need and be there to reply to every query you may have.