What are the Benefits of SSD VPS Hosting?

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There is a dramatic change happening in the VPS hosting space. A new technology, SSD VPS hosting is making inroads in hosting space and many website owners are wondering how good is this new technology for their business? If you are planning to set up your website or have already set up one, then read this article to get a clear understanding about SSD VPS hosting

What is SSD?

SSD means solid state drive and provides an alternative to the traditional HDD storage (Hard Disk Storage). Solid State Drives use integrated circuit assemblies to store data and are faster and more reliable than the traditional HDD based storage systems. If your VPS hosting provider uses a Hard Disk Drive then you can ask him to replace this device with an SSD. Essentially, an HDD is an electromechanical device that spins on an axis while recording data. It has a read/write needle to access and store data. 

Benefits OF SSD VPS Hosting

While HDD and SSD hosting essentially do the same things i.e store data, the latter is definitely superior to HDD VPS hosting. Here’s why.

  1. Website speed

Google considers page load speed an important criterion for ranking. One of the ways that you can make your page load quickly is by using SSD VPS Hosting. If your hosting plan uses an HDD, it is time to ask him to switch over to SSD. Many website hosting experts say that by just making this change, you can make your webpage load faster by 200%. 

Page speed is important for your business because it impacts the user experience directly. According to several research reports, if your page speed is over 3 seconds, you are likely to lose at least 40% of your likely customers. Amazon strives to improve its page speed continuously. For every 1 millisecond of site load improvement, it increased its revenues by 1%.

  1. Data Security

Structurally, SSDs are more resistant to wear and tear than HDDs. Since there are no moving parts, SSDs have a high shelf life and continue working for a long time. This means your data remains secure all the times. Hard Disk Drives have several mechanical parts and their constant motion wears and tears them down in the short and medium terms. If you have an Ecommerce website and store a lot of data, then it makes eminent sense to deploy an SSD. 

  1. Faster Request Execution Times

Since SSDs can read and write data simultaneously, these devices can also handle several requests  from numerous users efficiently. This property makes SSD VPS hosting the preferred solution for request heavy sites. Not only this, SSDs also free up CPUs for better resource utilization.

  1. Improved performance of data intensive sites

Many ecommerce and forum sites find SSD based VPS hosting a better solution to their performance issues. Since a massive volume of input-output data is generated in these sites, they require a hosting solution that can manage this data quickly and efficiently. Since SSDs can read and write data simultaneously, they help improve the performance of data intensive sites. 

  1. Lack of fragmentation

SSDs are not fragmented and therefore can locate the data quickly. This property makes SSD-based VPS hosting  better and more efficient.

  1. Cost and Durability

No doubt, the one –time cost of an SSD is extremely high but if you factor in maintenance and replacement cost, then SSD based VPS hosting is far more cost effective than its HDD counterpart.


SSD based VPS server hosting is efficient, more durable and provides data security to website owners. If your site is hosted on HDD, then perhaps you could switch over to an SSD VPS hosting.