What happens if Instagram gets hacked?

Have you ever heard about hacking social media?Any social media can easily get hacked by anyone to get their personal information. Hacking can be done for various reasons to threaten the persons and to blackmail them. Now we will know about the IG hack. Instagram users are increasing day by day and it is emerging as one of the biggest social media platforms. Here we can chat with our friends and can post video bites and can share any videos that went viral on the internet. Nowadays people are spending a lot of time on Instagram because of the extra added features in it. People can enjoy their time by spending on Instagram.

How IG hack can be done?

There are several ways to hack anInstagram account. Firstly they will send you a link regarding any random information like your account verification has been expired. Please click the link below to get your verification done, this type of message will be sent to you. If you believe it and once open it gives a gateway to hack your account. They will inform you in that mail or message that if you don’t click and verify your account within some amount of time then your account will get blocked. They send you a fake link to open it. The message will be sent as it is coming directly from the Instagram so that the person won’t get any doubt. Hackers don’t require any of your mobile or laptop or any gadget to hack your account. All they need is a key logger to know your password. Key logger is a software which is used to simulate the words that are typed in the other device by opening a link send by this key logger. They send a link using this key logger to your account. If you open that link they initially ask your information like email and password. While typing your password they will get each and every letter that you type on your device. This can be done by using that software. So beware while opening such types of links if you get any doubt just inform your nearby officials and they will take necessary action.Not I ly these types there are many other ways to hack the Instagram. To get rid of attack of hackers better avoid such type of links and change Instagram password frequently.