What is a printer driver and what is it for?

Related imageIn the computer world, the software that is responsible for converting information from the digital foundations to the form it requires to be printed on a printer is known as the printer driver. If we use Canon then we are talking about Canon drivers software. The purpose of the print drivers is to allow the user to print from any application without worrying about the technical details of the printer model.

Printer drivers made for Windows

On Windows operating systems, print drivers use the GDI code, which is based on PScript or XPS. The programs use the same API standard to make the drawing of the texts and graphics that the printer will print. There are printers that have the GDI code.

When choosing a cartridge for an HP or Canon printer, there are two important options, such as the XL cartridge and standard cartridges. Both cartridges offer the same quality of printing, but they have an important difference that must be taken into account and at the same time it is an advantage.

The standard cartridges have a lower price than the XL models, which are known as the long-term formats, however, the XL have a great potential that allows to print a greater number of pages for each printer. For additional info, in today’s printing activities, every serious user working on Windows 10 is suggested to use canon mp navigator ex.

Print driver for UNIX systems

In these systems, the controllers are used as filters. In fact, they are known as “Front end” of each printing system and the spoolers form the back end. Each Back end is used to determine which devices are available.

When it starts, the back end throws a list. In this way the connection and capture of the digital information that will be sent to the printer for printing is achieved.

How to delete a printer driver manually?

The first thing to do is to visualize the window where the printer is located. In the case of being Windows 8.1, you must click on the start button and then choose the control panel to select hardware and sound. There will appear an option called “see devices and printers”.

Then the printer drivers that can be removed will emerge. You must right click and the “Remove device” option will appear, when choosing it, the printer driver will be removed from the toolbar. In other operating systems, such as Windows Server 2003, clicking on “installed printer drivers” you can click “remove” and once done, the driver will be removed.