What is data migration? How Your E-Business Need Data Migration?

From many years in the past, the data migration concept is going on. You are going to find various researches, news, and tools published in the past about the primary problem of data migration. Data migration means how a user can transfer their data between two applications with minimum friction. So, the user expects that the configuration of data be migrated in between two applications and the new system will accept the data, and the data moves to production.

Data Migration Consists of Mainly Five Broad Phases

  • Start

In the start stage, the initially crucial point that is thought about is assessing the data as well as organization flow. The cost-benefit evaluation was likewise executed such that based on the budget we can make certain the data movement job is in profit.

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  • Layout

After the range is specified and also data factors are appropriately recognized in the beginning, the migration is taken a right into account in this stage. As data in two or even more application is diverse, therefore mapping and supplying appropriate reasoning for changing data in one style to another is essential. In this stage, the data mapping is done which will be utilized throughout the change.

  • ETL or Extract-Transform-Load.

ETL is a procedure of drawing out data, changing them to the style which is anticipated and afterward once again packing the cleansed data back to the application.

  • Testing.

In the screening stage, all sort of screening is done such that the last data collection moved is appropriately verified. There are a variety of examinations like device, quantity, system or set application screening is executed in this stage before wrapping up the real movement.

  • Sign-off.

When all the data is appropriately moved as well as both the applications are qualified for manufacturing usage, the stage as it recommends is just moved. The data which is moved currently ought to be of top quality in this stage and all the reliance is handled.

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