What is the Best Hybrid Smart Watch?

Many watch wearers like the modern technological features that a smart watch comes with, but also like the look of a normal watch. Sales of hybrid watches have increased dramatically over the last couple of years as people want to combine the smart watch with a normal watch. Because this is relatively new technology, we thought we would recommend two of the best hybrid smart watch devicesfor you to consider to help you in your search for a new time piece.

Withings Steel HR – Activity Tracking Watch with Heart Rate Monitoring

One of the watches that we would recommend is the Withings Steel HR – Activity Tracking Watch with Heart Rate Monitoring. If you are looking for a simple yet sleek smart watch, this could be the watch for you. The heart rate monitoring is a nice feature to have, as it helps you to track how effective your work outs are to maximize your training. It will also monitor your heart rate during the day, as well as when you are sleeping to ensure you are getting the right amount of sleep each night. When it comes to workouts, it is able to monitor and track your walks, swims and runs, with the distance and calories burned measured for each activity. It is also possible to set up the Withings watch to provide you with alerts when you receive a text message or a phone call. If battery life is a concern for you, it can last 25 days before the watch needs a new battery. It is possible to sync the watch with the Health Mate app, which allows you to view trends with regards to your health.

Fossil Q Grant Gen 1 Hybrid Black Leather Smartwatch

Another hybrid watch that we recommend is the Fossil Q Grant Gen 1 Hybrid Black Leather Smartwatch. This watch is a rather fashionable take on the modern smart watch which has been appreciated from hybrid watch enthusiasts. It is made of a high quality black stainless steel with a carefully crafted black guilloche dial with Roman numerals used for the numbers. This model of Fossil smart watch makes use of three chronograph subdials. You will also notice that it has a real leather band, which makes the watch very comfortable to wear. The watch itself can be worn with any Fossil branded 22mm straps, if you wish to use an existing strap that you have. It is possible to track the number of steps that you take and the number of calories you burn. This is ideal for tracking your workouts. With it being water proof, you can use it in the rain. But don’t wear it for swimming!

For more information on the latest hybrid smart watches, check out http://www.portable.technology.