What is the Best Software to Recover Data from the Flash Drive?

Flash drives are often used with many computers as portable storage devise, where you need to save data in a safe place for easy and satisfying access. However, over time these devices become corrupted for some reason. In this article, we present you the best data recovery tools to get your data back from flash drives, especially to recover corrupted USB drives. These tools can also work for iPad data recovery.

Top Flash Drive data recovery software

Check out the top tools you can use to get best results possible in the recovery of your data.

  1. CD recovery toolbox

This tool is a most advanced that you can use to recover most file systems easily and quickly. The tool was formerly created for FAT file system, but with the evolution of technology began to implement the NTFS system and further related file systems. A pleasant and functional user know-how is the main concern of the developers of the program.


  • User-friendly and requires virtually no maintenance.
  • The program takes up little space on the disc.


  • The program doesn’t display the quality of the recovered file.
  • A portable version hasn’t been
  1. Undelete my files Pro

This free tool has immense features to offer users. It was developed with the main objective of recovering deleted data ensuring that files are placed in their original locations. Both the basic and pro versions are beneficial, so you should opt for pro version by providing more features that you can use to perform your tasks with no problem.


  • The tool offers a very user-friendly
  • The overall performanceof the tool and its recovery rate are fantastic.


  • The tool is only available for commercial use.
  • The portable program can be too complex and confusing for some users.
  1. Mini Power tool data recovery

Thanks to the top features integrated in this tool, it is undoubtedly the best option for all users who are looking for free programs on the Internet. In addition, this tool has one of the highest transfer rates among programs of its kind, ensuring that you are completely satisfied when you see your recovered data.


  • The entire organization of this tool is extremely user-friendly
  • You can use the rested program because it will surely satisfy your demands in the recovery of your data


  • The file recovery status is not displayed.

If above tools don’t work anymore, consider hiring flash drive repair service.