What You Need To Know About Link Shortener

If you check the last five years or so, you would notice that Internet marketing has changed completely from what it was like in the beginning. A broad number of tools have made their way into the market and changed the game forever. A link shortener is one such tool which is heavily used by SEO agencies, affiliate marketers, bloggers, and freelancers. If you wish to make sure that your efforts can bring good results in a very short span of time, then give a shot to this tool and witness amazing results-

What Is A Link Shortener

In simple words, a link shortener is a tool that converts long and unattractive links into very short and targeted links that are fully SEO optimised and come with proper codes to track the traffic conversion. These links are primarily made to increase CTR and traffic engagement. Besides, they help you make changes in your strategies from time to time without having to worry about traffic loss.

How Can You Use It

Custom URL shortener can help you in many ways, including branding on social media promotion. If you are running a search engine optimization agency and taking care of various client projects, then you can use a good link shortener and make your job easy. All you have to do is convert your normal permalink into an attractive chortling using the link shortener tool and share this link like any normal link on various platforms. That’s it. No further job is required from your side.

Benefits of Link Shortener

When you use a good branded URL shortener, you take your social media branding and promotion game to newer heights. Once the URL is shared on various platforms, you can login the admin panel and check customer engagement without accessing different platforms. Furthermore, you can analyze which site is giving you more traffic and which one is a total waste of time. Based on this analysis, you can make certain changes in your promotional strategy get desired results in a short span of time.