Where do They Use Hidden Security Cameras and Why Are They Valuable?

Hidden cameras are an excellent item that has been used for nearly a century. Developed as a way to record enemies without them knowing about this, security cameras began looking smaller and smaller over the years. Today, they are so small, that you can barely see them.

The average hidden camera today has a size of a fingernail. If placed strategically, there’s no way for anyone to notice that they are being recorded. Even if they suspect they are being recorded, the chances to find a well-placed camera are very small.

This is why they found such a broad use across many industries. Lots of people purchase more of them and place them strategically across their companies, and have 24/7 monitoring service of everything that’s happening on their property. See more about monitoring here.

In this article, we’re sharing a couple of uses that are most commonly known in the world of spy cameras. We will talk more about them, and we will explain why they are so valuable. Read on and find out more about these things.

1. In the office to monitor employees

Many employers will install multiple hidden cameras across the offices to monitor the behavior of their employees. Usually, this is not going to happen, unless there’s a suspicion of illegal behavior. If some of the stuff is missing over time, someone steals corporate information, or there’s some other suspicion, the employers will install more cameras that will capture the criminal.

Employees won’t be aware of this, and the recording will never go out in public, but if there’s any evidence for an alleged criminal case, it will be sent to the police, and the judge will use it. This is why you should always behave if you’re an employee, and know this option if you’re a business owner.

2. Cash registers in stores

Cash registers should always be monitored, even without hidden cameras. An experienced criminal will find a way to disable the monitoring service in the store, and they will think that there’s no evidence of their actions. But if you place a hidden surveillance camera, then they will reveal their face and you’ll catch them.

Sometimes, the burglar is not someone from the outside, but a well-informed employee who knows how to take down the recording. What they won’t know is that you have a plan b called a hidden surveillance camera. With it, you’ll easily catch whoever tries to steal from you.

3. Nannies taking care of children in homes

Nannies are unpredictable, but more importantly, parents who leave their children in someone else’s hands will always wonder what’s happening at home. Nannies may be all kinds of people when they are alone, and if you suspect that something is going on without your knowledge, the camera is essential.

This is why the hidden surveillance is often called a hidden nanny cam. It’s because they record what the nanny does when they are alone with the kids. They should see that there’s a camera recording them, but if they don’t then the hidden one should reveal their secrets.

4. Spying

Even when technology was not developed as it is today, governments sent equipped and trained citizens of their own abroad to spy and collect data for their needs. Back in the day, cameras were not as tiny as today, but they managed to get the job done. Today, there’s no need of spying on hidden cameras, as the satellites in the sky cover every inch of the planet.

However, there’s sometimes a need for spying on people in direct communication and recording what they are saying. Spying on documents inside buildings, and many other things. That’s why espionage has changed and many spies are using these tiny cameras for this need. Learn more about spying here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_espionage.

5. Why are they valuable?

Hidden spy cameras are extremely valuable for all these situations above, but if you want to know how they are working and what kind of information is gathered with their use, then you need to know how they are made. They are made of a tiny camera lens that is connected to the internet and transfers data live.

When someone pushes the button for recording, these cameras transfer everything they see and often hear, into your device. The specific channel is locked and you’re the only one that can see what’s happening on the other side unless you want to share this information.

Since these cameras are so small, they waste almost no energy, and they can go on for a long time without stopping. Installing them once, they can spy on the surrounding for years. After this, they may get exhausted, you’ll need to replace them with others.

With their help, people can see if there’s an illegal activity, or find out what someone’s doing that they don’t like. However, there is a thin line between catching criminals and voyeurism. The second is not essential, so make sure you follow the laws before getting into this game.


These are some of the crucial things that everyone would like to know connected to hidden surveillance cameras. This is excellent information for both who uses them, and why they are so valuable. If you’re planning on getting one, you now know what you can expect, and where you can use it.