Which are the Different Kinds of Standing Desks That Fit Your Purpose?

Standing desks, beyond debate, is healthier, happier and productive to work within your office irrespective of your nature of work or trade, types of responsibilities, your age and personality. Most of us work in one computer or monitor but work for hours continuously and regularly. There is trade or works which require more than three monitors. The developers and coders generally require dual computers. Without three monitors, the gamers won’t be able to deliver the best in their performance. Similarly, admin requires four to five monitors to work simultaneously. On the other hand, the WHO tells that too much sitting has 40% increased possibilities of untimely or premature death. It not only leads to back and waist pain, neck pain but also results in serious health complication particularly obesity, diabetes and depression. An appropriate stand up desk can relive you from extra stress in your work and ensure good health as well as enhanced productivity in your work and job satisfaction as well.

Eventually, there are different types of standing desks which you can use for the pleasant accomplishment of your responsibilities. One of the categories of standing desks is“sit to stand” adapters which are actually mini desks to conventionally place at the surface of your normal desks. They are lifted if you wish to stand and work. These sit to stand adapters are simple wooden and metal risers which you need to operate manually. You can also find gas operated rising mechanisms like that of the office chairs. They are affordable and good for working while sitting as well as standing.

The fixed standing desks are set at a certain height for the adult height and normally do not get lowered for the purpose of sitting. However, these standing desks may have very few height adjustment features using locking bolt system. The fixed desks are normally combined with equipment for exercises like stationary bikes and treadmills. The fixed standing desks are cheaper than the sit to stand desks.

The hand- cranked sit to stand desks are preferred by people who want single work area and sit as well as stand and work. The hand- cranked sit and stand desk has the facilities of a rotary crank for raising and lowering the desk surface without changing the feet. The mechanism is the same to rotary jack in the large cargo trailer.

There are other sophisticated and expensive sit to stand desks electric sit to stand desks, and exercise desks which can effectively serve your purposes.