Why Do you need a dedicated server?

When starting a new business, the first thing you need is a website. A website requires few basic components to run. The first thing is you need a website, a domain name and a server to host it.

What is a server?

A server is basically a computer or a CPU which stores the data and contents of a website. When someone searches for your website, which is when the CPU displays the information and contents of your website. Hence, the faster the CPU is, the faster the website will load.

What is a dedicated server?

Servers come in different categories. The most popular ones are the shared servers and dedicated servers. Dedicated servers are those where a single CPU or a server is used by a single website. Dedicated servers offer faster loading speed and also since the entire server is used only by one website, hence there are no security issues. To know more about dedicated servers, you can check out WeHaveServers.

On the other hand, in shared servers, the system is used by various websites and hence the loading speed reduces as well as security is not that strong.

Why do you need a dedicated server?

A dedicated server is required for various reasons. Few of the most common ones are:

1. For growing websites

When a website grows, and the number of viewers increases, the speed of loading decreases. Hence, if your website traffic is increasing on a daily basis, and your website is hosted on a shared server, then there are chances the loading speed will take some time and eventually reduce.

So, when your website traffic is increasing, then you should shift your server to a dedicated one. By shifting to a dedicated server, your website will load faster and it will have the capability to handle the increasing traffic.

2. Security concern

With growing traffic, the risk of hacking and security concerns crop up. Hence, to safeguard your website information and sensitive data, you should shift to a dedicated server. In a dedicated server, your website will be using the single server and hence no will have access to that server. By opting for a dedicated server, you can be assured that your security will be of top notch.