Why Keep Your Company Blog Always Up-to-Date

Much has been said about the importance of social media for companies. They are an excellent way to get in touch with the public, brand dissemination, and market research. Its rise took some of the space from corporate blogs – but it certainly did not replace them.

Having a blog still has significant advantages. Some of them are similar to the advantages of social media, such as greater visibility and engagement with the public. Others are a bit more specific; a business blog can be an excellent tool to position yourself as an expert on some subject, something that may not have much space in social media.

One crucial aspect of maintaining a successful blog, which also appears in social media and email marketing, is the frequency of content production. I mean, how often is your business blog updated? This frequency is essential to the success of the blog for four reasons:

  • Business Blog Can Create Relationships

Let’s assume a prospect visits your site in January 2019, and there at the top of the blog, the last posting is marked “October 2018”. After three weeks, he visits his website again and … “October 2018”. We can already imagine that he will not visit again.

Consistently updated content builds public confidence. He knows he can return to this page and find new content; so, this page is worth saving in memory, or better, in the Favourites tab. Consistent activity passes the image of active and engaged business and still creates more opportunities for new customers to reach your blog.

  • Visibility for the company

According to a HubSpot survey, there is a strong correlation between the frequency of a blog post and the amount of traffic generated. In fact – and this number is already becoming quite commented – businesses that post daily generate five times more traffic than those who post weekly or monthly.

This visibility is easy to understand; Frequent posts help drive the relevance of your blog on search engines through SEO.

  • Social media

Didn’t we say up there that social media did not replace the business blog? In fact, they work even better side-by-side. Your followers on social networks will be interested in the content of your blog, and those already engaged with content will have even more reason to follow you on social networks and track your updates.

  • Competitive differential

Nowadays it is mandatory for any business to have a website. So not only will you but all your competitors are going to have a website. A business blog is an extra investment, a differential that also helps with your Digital Marketing efforts. It can lift you into the eyes of your customers. You are not just an anonymous company, but a specific company, that exposes your ideas, your opinions, and your projects through the blog.

And when we talk about the importance of keeping an updated blog, we’re not just talking about new content!

Content should stay current because life keeps updating. Even the most well-written and researched post can become obsolete. New technologies are invented; contexts change; or maybe your company has undergone a transition, and your values ​​have changed. Everything begets the same result; your old posts are no longer relevant.

So, what you do? Create brand new content? This is a possibility; another possibility is to use the old content as a base, and only perform the necessary updates. I mean, you leave the content where it is, but it adds new links, images, corrects outdated information, etc. The benefits of this practice are:

  • Reinforce authority

When you update old content, you demonstrate that it is also up to date and that it can detect out-of-date content. This reinforces your authority in the subject, your image as an expert.

  • Improve conversions

Posts that have not been very successful, with low conversions, can be updated. You can introduce new links or images and enjoy quality content.

  • Increase organic traffic

Likewise, you can also optimize posts that have poor performance on search engines. This is a new chance to introduce you to your base.

  • Improve post content

This advantage is evident. Writing is rewriting; sure, to return to older posts, you will have more experience and knowledge to add.

  • Scale up content production

Some issues need constant updates every time. These are topics that change every day, or that develop in stride. If you already know that a subject will have to be revisited at some point in the year, you may already plan to update content that is being created now.

This way, keeping your blog updated has several advantages for both new content and old content.

And having said this, two warnings are always pertinent:

Quantity does not replace quality. All the advantages cited are worth for quality content, which adds value. The frequency of posting is not at all interesting if the posted content is not.

Sinning by excess is possible. At some point, too frequent posts will annoy your readers. Nobody has time to absorb content constantly. Your ideal posting frequency will require a little test and retest.