Why Should Hong Kong Businesses Invest in SEO Training?

SEO (search engine optimization) consists of a complex set of methods and techniques that are designed to ensure the content you have created is fine-tuned and ready for your Hong Kong based website to rank organically high (or at least well) on Google. To make it more challenging, Google over the years has always been updating the existing algorithms and releasing new algorithms including more guidelines and rules. Any SEO expert would tell you so, regardless whether their focus is elsewhere or simply the Hong Kong market. The important thing is for your company website to adapt quickly to the most updated Google guidelines.

But why is SEO so important for your business (that is based in Hong Kong) at all? The first reason is that properly implemented search engine optimization of your website will let your brand/product get more visibility in front of your target audience in long term. This in turn gives your website more visitors and brand/product more sales opportunities. While other companies have started with paid search advertising (that are very costly when it is kept up in the long term), your business are investing into SEO. Your investment will sooner or later break even because SEO requires mostly upfront investment, but for long term it pays out big time.

But you and your team do not possess the capability to do well with SEO for any website. That is no problem. Initially you can get someone or a consultant who has the experience in ranking many websites up in Google and Yahoo. With the help of the consultant you will get the strategy, roadmap, and the methods to implement SEO for your business site. It doesn’t stop there. You should follow up with investing in some SEO training. This allows you to get deeper understanding into how an actual SEO process/project would have been implemented. After all learning and intensive project work, you may well one day end up becoming a reputable online marketer who can specialize in running SEO projects.

The thinking should be like this: Google can always bring a website more unique monthly visitors than any other website or platforms out there in the internet. Before you invest deep into social media marketing, you should ensure your web presence is discoverable through unbranded search phrases (or keywords) by the users. SEO shouldn’t only be restricted on Google. Yahoo is another search engine that many Hong Kong users are still using, especially in Chinese language searches. Your blog (especially the company blog) would fit well when applying search engine optimization. Even your LinkedIn profile and your company’s LinkedIn profile are other pages where SEO can be applied.

Think of how people actually search on Google and Yahoo. You must learn how to create online content that is most likely to rank high in the Google SERPs. For most companies, organic search presents greater conversion opportunities than that of social media. Make sure you have always invested more than enough for SEO and gaining the knowledge of SEO (whether through training or the actual project work) before investing in other means of marketing.