Why we love how easy it is to adjust the settings for your JioFi router?

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As many other Indians we have to deal with the low speeds in the broadband networks all around us. That is why we love JioFi since it enables to hook up your smartphone to a high-speed pocket Wi-Fi hotspot and continue using a high-speed connection all the time.

In addition, if you are not that much of a techs, you’ll rave with how easy and convenient the process to adjust settings for JioFi routers is.

What do you need to do?

You need to open jio.local.html in your browser.

Check that the device is connected to the network in question because otherwise you won’t be able to successfully log in.

At the opened page you will need to specify your credentials, i.e. your username and password. Remember that the default “factor” values for these are “administrator”.

And now that you’ve logged in, you can start making changes to your settings. You can change the password or other parameters as you wish.

And if you feel that something’s gone wrong along the way, it’s easy to reset the factor values by pressing the Reset button and holding it for about half a minute.

However, the JioFi router has earlier configuration that connect to the internet in faster way. It uses any devices to connect to the PC. Thus, it automatically configures the slot available in the JioFi connection. Therefore, it is very easy to access according to the connected device. When the JioFi router is configuring, it can automatically connects with devices and tether the PC connection. It gives right connectivity at the same time offering by the WiFi along with USB tethering simultaneously.  If you wish to connect the JioFi Router, configure with respect to micro SD or JIO MIFI device attached to the device.