Why Xbox 360 was a hot cake sell in the world of next generation gaming?

The Xbox 360 is much more than just a video game. With many features, the Microsoft console is also a great entertainment option for the whole family. The Xbox 360 is a console of the current generation that brings numerous accessories to the players. Currently Microsoft officially manufactures and sells four versions, one with 4GB of internal storage, one with 4GB plus Kinect, one with 250 GB and another of 250 GB that comes with Kinect. All versions support Xbox Live, an online network offered to video game users.

What is Kinect?

Kinect is a motion and voice sensor that has changed the video game industry in the current generation. Offering full control to the user through body movements, players can participate in dance competitions, perform motor activities and challenge friends in games that require some physical effort from users.

Installing Kinect

Kinect installation is automatic. After plugging the cables correctly, the player must wait for the entire process of tracking the environment made by the device. Try to avoid noise while the sensor is calibrating. Position yourself on the front of the device at a distance so Kinect can visualize your entire body. Tap to start using the device.

Various accessories

In addition to Kinect users can power their console with numerous official products. Microsoft offers headsets, external HDDs, a remote control, a steering wheel, chargers and cables, among other accessories. Interested parties can also purchase a battery to make the use of control even more practical.

The consoles of the current generation offer full support for online transactions, however for this the player must have access to the broadband Internet connection. Fortunately connecting the Xbox 360 is easy and there is the possibility of connecting through a wireless or wired network.After connecting the modem and router, in addition to plugging the cables correctly, go to the ‘Control Panel’ of the console and click ‘Settings’. Go to ‘System Settings’ and then go to ‘Network Settings’.

Conclusion: Xbox Live

Xbox Live is Microsoft’s network on Xbox 360, which also serves as a multimedia hub. There users can communicate with friends, customize the avatar, access external applications, browse the internet, watch movies and compare their achievements with the performance of other players. To create an account on Xbox Live players must have access to the Internet and a console with an updated system. Users can opt for a paid and one free option.

The free version of Xbox Live offers numerous interesting features to players. Among those available are access to the Microsoft store, the ability to download demos, purchase games on demand, and send voice and text messages to other players, among other small activities.Already in the so-called Gold version users can play video chats through Kinect, participate in weekly promotions, receive support to watch Netflix HD videos, access social networks directly from the console, and gain early game content privileges, including demos, trailers and DLCs.