Why your website requires two-factor authentication?

The role of an IT manager is always loaded with dozens of priorities. Along with ensuring the network up and running and dealing with access request from across the places, they now need to put equal efforts in maintaining business growth while keeping security in mind. Now this is true that IT admins are always up with installed firewalls, using encryption but lacking a two-factor authentication solution is still not acceptable. Without a proper 2FA solution, all these techniques can still be bypassed, thanks to the invention of new technologies.

Experts recommend IT teams to classify their sensitive resources from the non crucial ones and implement two-factor authentication to ensure that only the authorized person is able to access the data. Let’s get into more details:

Why your website requires two-factor authentication:

The increasing complexity in IT is a big challenge nowadays. Even a little tweak can cause inconvenience to users as well as customers. Since a simple and streamlined authentication process is what every end user demands, IT teams must make sure that every addition should make least modification to critical programs. Moreover the ability to remote access has allowed employees to work from anywhere but it put another burden on IT teams to ensure secure and quick access from anywhere anytime.

Implementing two-factor authentication helps IT professionals to add the level of security needed while accessing sensitive data based on the risk level associated. For eg, if the access request is coming from known network, location or device, there is no need to add 2FA but if the request is coming from unusual location or device, other security factor must be added. In short, below are some reasons that make adding two-factor authentication must for your business:

  1. Identity theft has become the most common yet highly destructive threat for online business in the past decade. Becoming common with each passing day, the crime is more beneficial than a drug deal. Don’t tell us, you want to be in the next headline?
  1. As per the recent report, 95% of the hackers have used stolen user credentials as a way to gain access to sensitive business data.
  1. The report indicates hike of 27.5% over the number of data breaches reported in 2013 and increase of 18.3% over the last high of 662 data breaches in 2010. Data breaches are no longer a shock for anyone.
  1. Unlike what most of the people believe, big brands are not the only target of hackers. The latest survey reveals that around 74% SMEs reported security breach last year. So if you believe, why would hackers target you, you are wrong, my friend!
  1. Advanced firewalls, anti-virus systems are important to ensure security, but so is a robust authentication process. The absence of robust authentication solution means you are keeping your front door open for hackers.
  1. Thanks to common hacking techniques like phishing, keylogging, etc, passwords are no longer capable enough to keep your precious data secure from hackers.
  1. Cyber criminals are not limited to just steal your data, instead they can destroy, change or use your data for illegal work also.

Needless to say, adding up another security factor is the need of today. Now implementing two-factor authentication solution won’t guarantee 100% security, but is there anything that can do it? So make sure your hackers stay away from you by adding 2FA solution. If you still have some doubt, let me know in the comments below.