Wikigains Shows How To Leverage The Power Of Social Media To Save Money

Social media is a great platform but it depends on how you use it for your benefit. If you use your Facebook account to just stare your friend’s  vacation pictures or check your ex’s profile, that’s a perfect recipe for depression. You need to make your own choices.

Wikigains shows you how you can use your social media accounts to find attractive coupons, deals, and negotiate directly with the companies. Here are some effective ways to use your connections to save money on everything from daily purchases to the monthly bills.

Finding Deals On Social Media With Hashtags (#)

Yes, that’s right. The hashtags are used on all popular social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. They are a useful tool to help users find information on all specific topics. Unfortunately not many people use them to look for coupons and deals.

To find coupons and deals for a particular product, you need to provide #(Product Name) with #Coupon or #Deal. It will give you a much better result when you use the two hashtags combined together as one.

A common mistake people commit is searching #ProductDeal and they give up when they don’t find any results. If you break them up and search as #Product #Deal, you can actually find a lot of coupon codes and deals.

Similarly, if you are looking for in-store coupons then you need to search as #(Store Name)Deals to get results that are related to in-store purchases. So, if you search with the terms #TargetCoupons on Facebook or Twitter, you will find a plethora of coupons and deals that can help you buy products for cheap.

Coupon matches take place when the discount searchers do the homework for you. They post coupons and deals with a hash tag to inform other enthusiastic buyers about a sale or voucher that can reduce the price of a product.

The #(Store Name)Coupon option is specially targeted for the online and in-store shoppers. When done correctly, these search terms and hashtags can make a great difference to your shopping. If you know about a sale or coupon that you would like to share online, add hashtags to help other shoppers benefit from them.

Wikigains Suggests Contacting Community Managers

Several companies have special community managers who are responsible for interacting with customers. If a user is upset about a purchase or has questions, he or she may reach out to these managers on the social media platform.

You may send out a tweet to the company saying that a service is expensive and you are considering to switch to a cheaper competitor. At times this strategy may work and the company may reply back with a coupon or offer to lower your price.

Another method is to search for a Twitter conversation regarding the products/ services you would like to buy. Join in or use that conversation to start your own and use companies’ Twitter handle in the tweet. This will benefit both the conversations.

Wikigains believes that if the customers use social media to search for exclusive coupons and deals correctly, this can provide to be a powerful tool. Afterall social media is all about sharing so if you know about a coupon or nice deal, share it with hashtag and spread the joy.