Your Choices for the best Video Ad Making

However, it is necessary to decide which intention and message it is important to put forward. To achieve a yoga session, the blue color can be effective, if against you need to talk about training, an accompaniment, it is useful to use the yellow that means cheerfulness, warmth, optimism, warmth. So knowing the shades of colors and their meanings, you will have no trouble putting your scenario in situation, it will strengthen your ideas. Those who view your videos will be immersed in a friendly atmosphere. Using video ad templates is a wise choice.

  • Go to the essentials.
  • Put a big title that of your subject
  • Keep it short: in your subject (the message should not exceed a few seconds)
  • Add subtitles to announce your sub-messages
  • Adopt background music to make the video more attractive and dynamic

Check the sound quality when recording the video

To have a good sound on a video recording: what’s the trick? Whatever the devices used, the sound of your voice is inaudible. So, how?

On Computer

Use a USB headset (stop external noises or noises from your computer)

On smartphone

Use a lapel microphone for iPhone or Android

With a camera or camcorder 

It’s a bit more complex, either you find a device with stereo sound or you can take quality photos with your camera and sound with your smartphone. The longest in the next step: editing? because you will have to import the two sources and then merge them.

Variant the formats and shots of your shots

To make your videos easier to understand, it’s always good to detail the content written by image captures: ideal for a video describing the use of a material (technical tool or product)

  1. 360 ° shots

On the Google Street View app , you can take photos of your phone in 360 ° without having a 360 ° camera. Just take pictures by circling to get a complete sphere. Certainly still a little rudimentary, but tends to develop. Another tip if you are on the iPhone, download the application Splash : an iPhone application . Use as a panorama, then visualize the effect in two ways: by moving your screen manually with your fingers on the screen or by sliding your phone into a VR headset , such as Google Cardboard.

Capture images, movies with a smartphone

  1. What to do with a smartphone?

You are outdoors, you do not have a camera, your smartphone will do the trick to create good movies: simple and effective videos.

In addition, when we have that most of our smartphones are equipped with HD camera and able to make photos with more than 15 M pixels or videos in HD, it should be enough to get good results? Simply activate the video or photo function on your smartphone and click on the round camera button. You are filming when the button becomes “red” and the countdown begins. Do the same to stop the movie or shooting.

Use your computer to shoot with your webcam or screen sharing during videoconferences

And if you decide to film in screen sharing with a partner, colleague, friend, make sure your camera is HD and there is enough light and a warm atmosphere around you. You can use different software online to shoot from your computer with a webcam.