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Compromising is a part of life, and that’s especially true when it comes to musical equipment. However, that’s not the case with ZT Lunchbox Acoustic. This thing is equally affordable, powerful, and lightweight, meaning you can take it around the globe and still enjoy the decent sound quality. ZT isn’t one of the oldest companies in the business; yet, they do manage to manufacture some state-of-the-art equipment that is always among the best-sellers. First of all, ZT Lunchbox Acoustic weighs 12 pounds, which equals 5.5 kilos. So, as you can see, it is, indeed, a compact amp with just the right weight for constant gigs.

The size is also quite alright: you’ll be able to fit it in a tiny box. The body is made of thin plywood – a standard material for amps of this size and in this price range. The front is almost completely covered with a metallic grille that protects the speakers from any damage. See that handle on top of it? For the mobile musicians, it’s exactly what the doc ordered. While the overall construction is not the sturdiest one on the planet, you will come to appreciate the level of attention and love the company engineers have put into making this highly affordable acoustic amplifier.

What Is ZT Lunchbox Acoustic All About?


This is a pro-quality piece of equipment. It features not 1, but 2 channels that you can use simultaneously (again, perfect for some solo gigs). For small and even medium-sized venues, it will be able to back you up with enough sound. With 75 Watts under the hood, it manages to power up any acoustic guitar you throw its way. The 6.5-inch speaker might seem like a very modest choice at first. But in reality, it packs a lot of heat and is incredibly powerful for an amplifier this small. It is custom-designed, meaning the manufacturer has spent a significant amount of time and energy on trying to find the perfect match for the body and the electronics.

Learning More about the Features


ZT Lunchbox Acoustic can be switched between two modes; 115V and 230V. Yep, that’s another big reason to consider it as your companion during long tours around the world. For singers-songwriters that prefer to travel light and only want to carry their favorite acoustic guitar and amp with them, ZT’s highly capable and low-budget option might just be what they’ve been looking for. That precise, accentuated, natural sound is very hard to achieve even on high-end equipment. You can rest assured that both your instrument and voice will cut through any dense mix and noise.

What Else Does It Have To Offer?


Both channels come with separate reverb controls; plus, there’s an Effects Loop and a 1/8-inch auxiliary input. From afar, ZT Lunchbox Acoustic might look like an old-school TV; but it’s actually a pretty sophisticated amplifier that does more than most rivals in the same price category do. Important note: we just mentioned the separate reverbs. You should know that Gain and the EQ are also independent! So, not only is this thing portable, affordable, and musical, it also provides a great level of control over the final sound. For the microphone in, you’ll have Phantom Power (it’s used to boost the signal of the mic).

The headphone out (with a volume control), the ability to switch between two modes, along with those 75 Watts of power; turn it into a must-have. If you want, the company also makes some pretty cool bags for carrying it on tours. It’s available for 40 bucks. One last thing: we did say that it is affordable, and it’s true. At the same time, 500 dollars aren’t particularly cheap. With that said, the beginners won’t probably need all the advanced features it provides. On the other hand, the pros that make money on live gigs will definitely appreciate its versatility.