How to explain PR to your friends?


PR stands for “Public Relations”. It is the practice of connecting and communicating the organizational information to the public. Organization can be a business organization, non-profit organization, government entity, legislative agency or a profit oriented organization. Public may include employees, investors, company partners, etc. PR is the strategic communication process that is executed to promote organization’s policy or agenda.

How to explain PR to your friends?

For the layman, “public relations” is an uncommon term. Many people are unfamiliar with the depth of this term. Many people find it difficult that how to explain public relations to the acquaintances specifically, when the other person is involved in a very different field. Let’s discuss in detail:

v Use a conflict-free approach:

First of all, it is very essential to use conflict free approach to explain the concept of PR. When you use conflicting remarks to explain your point of view, this will automatically create a sense of jargon in the mind of the other person. No one from us would like to hear something opposite to our field or profession. Says Akshat Thapa from

v Begin the explanation by defining using simple words:

To explain the main concept, it is important to define the term in very simple and understandable words. When the language used to convey the information, is familiar, the listener will be interested to understand. So, the second important tip to explain PR to your friends is, begin the explanation by defining the term using simple words. For example, PR can be defined in simplest way as “Public relation is the relationship with public. The PR specialist tries his best to promote his idea to attain benefits for the organization. He do so to make an influence. The purpose of influence might be to promote the organization’s product, to recognize the organizational accomplishments, to support the organization’s plan or to gain facilitation from general public at large.”

v Take the help of examples to explain better:

Nearly everything can be explained by giving the real-life examples. The real life scenarios are easily observable and can be related to clarify the confusion about the topic under discussion. To better explain your point of view, tell them to consider the following points:

  • In TV news show, ask your friends “Did the news reporter share news about any local event?”. If Yes, tell them that public relation professional sent that information to the news reporter. The purpose is to spread the organization’s news about local event held by the respective organization.
  • In talk shows, ask your friends “Was there a business leader responding to financial crisis?”. If yes, tell them that there is a public relation specialist behind him. He shaped the message of the business leader.
  • In media outlet, ask your friends “Who do you think is behind the piece of information?”. Explain them that behind every such information, there is always a PR specialist.

v Ask for further clarification:

It is always good to learn from others specifically, when the other person belongs to entirely different field. Sometimes, you are not able to perfectly explain your point of concern to the other. So, it is important to clarify the confusion in other person’s mind. It is essential to correct before another misconception gets spread. Says Joshua from

So, from the above discussion, we can conclude that public relation is a vast field with varying classifications. It is the relation with public to accomplish organizational goals. Once, you get there, your organization can gain greater market share. If your friends are not PR pros like you, than you can use the above tips to explain PR to your friends!