Hunting and Fishing Reminder App

Whether it’s Big Game, Small Game or Fishing, you need the applicable Outdoors Card just to get things started. Once you have that, depending on your preference, there are License Tags or Seals to purchase; all of which have an expiry date.

Owning an expired Outdoors Card / License is no fun, especially when you’ve been planning a trip with your buddies for months! Even worse is not realizing your credentials have expired and only finding out when you are stopped by an Enforcement Officer! Being caught with an expired license is more than just an inconvenience, it could land you big fines or even result in a court appearance! Nobody wants that’s!

Noting these things on your family calendar is great, as long as you remember to look and take action early (and if you’re anything like me, that’s usually only the day before!). What you need is something that will take care of business for you… What you need, is ID’d.

ID’d is the Mobile Reminder App trusted by Hunters and Professionals everywhere to help keep their credentials current.

How does it work?… very simply. Download ID’d from the App Store or Google Play to your mobile device and in just seconds you can start to relax in the peace of mind that ID’d is working for you. Free to install and use, with optional upgrades to add more licenses, ID’d has been designed with ease of use in mind. Just select the category of license you want to record, enter the description and set the expiry date. Reminders can be set for 30, 60 or 90 days, giving you plenty of time to renew your Outdoors Card and Licenses. Notifications will be sent to your mobile device via the app and you’ll also receive an email alert! At ID’d, we’ve got your back!

WEBSITE: License Reminder app

But wait… There’s more! ID’d also allows you to take a digital image of the front and back of your Outdoors Card and stores this along side your info. You now have easy access to a visual record of your credentials as well as the peace of mind that your credentials are all up to date.

Now you can really enjoy your Hunting or Fishing trip without any worries. Land yourself a great catch, not a fine! Download ID’d today and enjoy a stress-free Outdoors experience!

NOTE: the law may require you to carry certain forms of original documentation on your person. Always make sure you follow Local, Provincial and Federal laws as they apply.