Shop This Summer – Environmental Friendly or Multi Split Air Conditioners

Go green is the new trend. Technologists are continuously exploring newer methods to be as energy efficient and as environmental friendly as possible. Electronic devices are regularly monitored to prevent negative impact to our already degrading atmosphere and also to use sustainable energy sources.

With increasing power of India’s GDP, even a middle man can now afford a healthy and luxurious lifestyle and air conditioners in the present era.  Lloyd air conditioners and many other brands have come up with the latest technologies, energy saving mechanism and variable prices have flooded the AC market. Consumers now wish to choose technology that is cost saving while providing health benefits.

Type of Air Conditioner System in the market

There are two major systems available among all the air conditioner brands; Split and Window Ac. While window AC are outdated and less commonly used, Split AC has also come up with a multi split system. Let us learn the difference between the two split types of AC:

  • Split has 1 indoor and 1 outdoor unit, while multi split type can connect 2-5 indoor units with one outdoor unit.
  • Installation is easier with split AC while a multi split AC requires placing a complete system of air conditioning units in multiple zones.
  • Split AC is good for a small family and single room.
  • Multi split provides a better and customised solution for bigger spaces, families and large residential settings.

10 tips to choose the AC apt for your specific home needs

Energy efficient, 5-star rating, value added features are just few words that describes the brand value of an AC. However local climate and your requirements play a major role in making a selection among the numerous available options. Few features to look for in any decent, environmental and health friendly AC are:

  1. Based on the square feet area of your space, you need to buy a low (1 ton) to high (2 ton) capacity AC.
  2. The ever-rising temperature leads to increased use of AC, thereby increasing the electricity bills.
  3. Thus, energy efficiency or 5-star rating is a must to look for in order to save futuristic costs.
  4. The next decision is to choose between a split version or a window AC.
  5. Though expensive than window AC, split type provides better distribution and cooling of air.
  6. Filter quality is another factor to be careful about, as a high-grade filter will be healthier and provides better air quality.
  7. Noise levels of your conditioner must be in the healthy range, the quieter the better.
  8. Easier installation and maintenance provided by service centres also makes you prefer certain brands.
  9. Your budget is the final deciding factor, as the price of air conditioners increases with its star rating and also with the compressor technology used.
  10. Value added services like dehumidification, sleep mode, auto restart are some other factors that can attract your decision.

Websites like provides deeper information on the available market products and thus help in making purchasing decisions. Environmental factors, usage, room size and brand must also be considered. Make a smart decision and invest your money in a healthy environmental technology that the latest air conditioners provide.