Why do you need spying apps?

The job of the iPhone monitoring apps is controlling the mobile phone of the children thrive in the times of Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat. Numerous parents do favor the usage of spyware software for keeping their children safe and sound and that too without their noticing. You can get monitoring apps on iTunes, in the Play Store, and on the Internet. The good thing is some of these apps are free while for others, you have to pay some monthly fees. The spy apps help parents who wish to know about their children’s text messages, calls, and GPS locations through logging into their account from a web browser.

The iPhone monitoring software permits you to have a close eye on iPhone in real time. It logs the activities at times when your children do use your iPhone which you possess or have adequate consent for monitoring. When you have notified that your employee or your child will get monitored, then you can install the software and it will log call activities and SMS before inserting the info to the private account. Additionally, the software does log periodic GPS locations whenever you set them. If you want to see the results, then you can log on to the Online Control Panel from a web browser for entering your username and password for proceeding.

The recommendable features

  • Text message logging – With these apps, you can log every text message even when the logs of iPhones are deleted.
  • Social networking logs – The monitoring apps allow you to log activity from WhatsApp and Facebook messaging services.
  • Apps Installed – With the monitoring apps, you can see the apps that are installed on the iPhones.
  • YouTube videos – You can log YouTube videos that are being watched on the iPhone having a link to every video.
  • Application blocking – With the monitoring apps, you can block the users’ access to iPhone to some applications.
  • Web Activity – It becomes possible to visit all the URL website addresses utilizing the Safari browser of the iPhone that is logged.
  • Messenger Logs – The monitoring apps save messenger logs from BlackBerry Messenger, Gtalk, Yahoo, and more.
  • Photo Log – Every photo which is taken by the iPhone happens to be viewable and logged.
  • GPS locations log – You can track GPS positions at a time when you choose with a link.
  • Phone call info – Both incoming, as well as outgoing numbers, get logged with time stamp and duration.
  • iMessages – The iPhone monitoring apps become capable of logging all the iMessages that are received and sent on the iPhone.
  • Email – All the inbound, as well as outbound emails, can be saved from the primary account.
  • SMS commands – You can send an SMS command for locking the phone, get existing GPS location, and many more.
  • Live screenshots – The live control panel allows you to see the screen of the phone in real time.
  • Live GPS Mapping – The live Control Panel permits you immediate GPS location of your employee or child.
  • Contacts – Each and every contact on the phone gets logged. Additionally, new contacts get saved too.
  • Alerts – The alert system of the monitoring apps will inform you when some prohibited activities happen.